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Langley 204 Horseback Riding

The finest quality horses in riding stable history

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Be Prepared For Your Ride
at Langley 204


Waiver Forms must be filled out completely before your ride at
Langley 204 Horseback Riding

Please print and fill out your waiver form prior to your ride if:
a) Your parent/guardian is unable to attend the day of your ride
b) You have a large group of 10+ people
c) You would like to save time the day of your ride

Waivers will be provided at the time of your ride. Please arrive 15 minutes before your ride time to fill out the waiver form and get ready for your ride (find a helmet, use the washroom, pay, get acquainted with your horse, & etc.)

g Policies
Based on your abilities, height, and weight the most appropriate available horse will be chosen for you.

Weight limit: 230 pounds.
Age limits: Trail Rides- 9 years old, Lessons- 7 years old, Pony Rides- any age.


If you do not have your own helmet, this could be  a horseback riding helmet, bike helmet, skate/snowboarding helmet, we have a selection of helmets that you may borrow.

Boots with a heel are recommended when riding western and are mandatory when riding English. Sandals may not be worn while riding or interacting with the horses.

Previous riding experience is necessary before riding on the trail. If this requirement is not met, other services, such as lessons and pony rides, can be provided instead.

Guides are not provided but new riders with riding experience may buddy up with a Regular Rider from the stable to become approved to ride alone in the future.

Things to Keep in Mind

We recommend that you allow ONE HOUR longer for each service to ensure that your ride will not interfere with any other plans you have.

We ride rain or shine. Lessons may not be cancelled due to the weather as they are held indoors. For extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rain, hail, snow, wind, please call to cancel ASAP. 24 hours notice is required for all cancellations not due to extreme weather conditions. If notice is not given Langley 204 reserves the right to charge in full.

All people at Langley 204's facilities must wear proper shoes. Sandals are not adequate footwear around horses.

Preferred Riding Orders

Riding orders are chosen according to the horses temperament and habits

All horses, like people, have likes and dislikes...

Some like to be in front, some like to be in the middle, and some prefer to be last. Some like to be by their friends and are rivals with others. NONE of them like to be tail gated.

Most lead horses are more competitive as second horses and are therefore more relaxed as a lead horse.

We recommend you…

1. Always keep a horse length distance between riders, to avoid bucking, kicking, biting, and etc.

2. Keep in single file to avoid competition or racing

3. Walk by oncoming traffic – do not stop, and always keep to the right of the trail to allow plenty of room for other trail users.

4. Proper etiquette is all about kindness and sensibility to acquiring utm
ost safety for all.


Langley 204 Equestrian Centre does not offer guides or make arrangements to source out volunteer guides. We are strictly a horse rental facility. The organization of your line up of horses is dependent of the pecking order of the horses and the ability of the rider.

Regular riders and/or leases voluntarily help you, the public, with their knowledge of horseback riding. They are not paid for their services and do it totally out of the goodness of their hearts and do not want to take on the liability which goes along in being a guide.

Many of these regular riders volunteer all day long to help mend fences, clean our paddocks, groom and tack horses, mount riders, and even help maintain the 204 trail entrance to Campbell Valley Park.

Most of these gracious volunteers have been riding in the area for many years and know the area very well. For liability’s sake they wish to be referred to as a “Regular Rider” or your “Buddy”. Most of the Regular Riders at this establishment have taken many lessons prior to volunteering.

Regular Riders know our horses very well and love and care for them as they hope you will. They will also help you make the right decisions, although the decisions made and final outcomes of such decisions are yours and yours only. Once again they are not certified equestrian teachers or guides and merely accompany you for the enjoyment of horseback riding.

Thank you and enjoy your rental on a Langley 204 Horse, “The Finest in Riding Stable History”.

We maintain the right to refuse anyone, for whatever reason.